22 02 2009

Hey guys i saw the white puffle!

You can follow them at the dojo!


And you can spot them at the ski mountain!


Comment !

Nice N Happy

Puffle party!

22 02 2009

Thanks to Pj for the post!




In the lighthouse stand on the stand and click on the puffle to paint you


If you go to the Snow Forts,go to the puffle feeding place throw snowballs at the puffle(but they’re acttually puffle O’s)

Help Cp Squish the bugs in the catalog(Not real bugs) click here

the new igloo catalog came out today

Click on the pinata on page 6, for the aquarium.


Click on the snow on page 8, for the green birdhouse.


Click on the velvet rope on page 9, for the welcome mat.


also go to the Build a Snow Fort page and click the top right to get welcome mat

Site Up and Running!

22 02 2009

Whats up? Its nice n happy from doggiking.wordpress.com! Updated Quickly!


Nice n happy :0)